We admit it: we are very picky. After all, we only want to work with the best.
Think you’re the best? Then find out more on how to become a Content Queen &
what benefits you can expect in our questions and answers:

The following steps give you the opportunity to become a Content Queen:

  • Diligently complete our questionnaire „become a content queen“. Please take your time since this is the basis of your application.
  • Afterwards we get in touch with you and ideally invite you to an introductory conversation via Skype/Zoom.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile (if not yet existing) and accept the invitation to the closed CQ group.
  • Show us and the world what you are capable of by contributing a small work sample to the network. This way we get to know your way of working and your results better.
  • Link us on your website – SEO sends its regards!

  • Your short profile is featured on the official CQ website, including links to your website and social media channels.
  • As a Content Queen you benefit from our excellent connections zu brands, partner companies and cooperational networks. This guarantees you the best prospect of profitable projects.
  • When recommending a fellow Content Queen, you benefit from our commissions scheme. We provide a legally examined contract.
  • You have the option to use our social media channels.
  • You partake in our regular video calls, get to know new members and receive information on news and projects first-hand.
  • You have access to the closed LinkedIn group in which projects are advertised, inter alia.
  • We invite you to high-class events, coachings and trainings with an exclusive CQ discount.
  • You may use the CQ member logo on your website as well as on your business cards.
  • You have access tot he CQ internal calendar, can mark your personal availabilites and check those of others.
  • A fantastic network of highly qualified women, in which you can show what you are capable of, that consults and recommends you, has your back. Exchange and conversation on eye level in a professional setting.

The membership fee is 120 annually, plus VAT.

The network is only as strong as its members. This is a firm dogma of the Content Queens and for this exact reason, we of course hope for a certain engagement from our Queens. If everyone shares a part of her experise, do we not only learn from that but also become incredibly successful. Don’t worry, though: We’re all in the same boat – each of us has her projects, customers and a private life. Therefor, there will be always be phases in which you will engage more or less.

In short: We don’t collect numbers but personalities. If you are in, you are in 100% and with the promise to do your best.

No, you may work wherever you want to. That is the beauty of the freelancer life. We have many Content Queens that love to travel and take on international projects. Others, on the other hand, have family or simply like to stay in their home town. Simply state your preferences in the questionnaire and we match you accordingly.

Neither can we nor do we want to guarantee you any jobs as part oft he membership. The Content Queens are a freelancer network, not an agency. We all work as one and every single one of us has the option to act as the contact person for a job.

But: Thanks to our strong media presence and excellent contacts to brands and companies there is no shortage of jobs.

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