Our partner

Every freelancer needs strong partners at his side. So do we. There they are, our CQ best buddies.


Design deluxe – Die Kreativtuner and first and foremost our fantastic Content Queen Kim Weber are our number 1 brand design partner, after all Kim and her team have created our incredibly good CQ website and are at our side with their concentrated creative power. 100% reliable, wonderfully authentic and super patient.

Der Wolkenspeicher

Safety is standard – we feel this company slogan every day in our cooperation with the team from „Der Wolkenspeicher“. From web hosting, to backup services, to our CQ Cloud, we trust everything to be in the hands of Sascha Neumann and Co. It is so reassuring to have a real IT professional on board!

Dr. Andrea Stein

Safety first – This also applies to the Content Queens. We are fortunate to have the great Dr. Andrea Stein on board, who supports and advises us on all legal issues – regardless of whether they concern data protection, general terms and conditions or online shop law. What we love and appreciate about her: Andrea is incredibly patient, translates law-language into Content-Queens-language, always has an advantageous idea in her luggage and is herself a Content Queen with heart and soul.

Christina Roßmann

Finance & Moneymindset – these are two areas that our wonderful partner Christina Roßmann is taking care of.As a Senior Financial Consultant, she brings over 28 years of experience in the financial industry with her and founded her own successful heart project with „Du bist Du – life & finance“. Christina not only advises and supports us on financial topics, but also manages to make even dry financial topics very charming.

Anna Turner

Social media is her passion – especially Instagram. And because we like to have great people around us permanently, we simply appointed the enchanting Anna Turner as our CQ Insta lead. Since then, Anna takes care of all strategic issues, creates plans, puts together a royal team and surprises us again and again with a brilliant firework of Instagram content. Simply fabulous. .

Maria Fritsch

Sustainability plays a major role in Maria Fritsch’s life – and since we too want to make the world a better place, Maria is a valuable CQ cooperation partner. In her online store Businesszeug.com she sells beautiful paper items made of environmentally friendly stone paper: project planners, to-do blocks, priority lists – everything that freelancers need every day. This way we can make life easier for ourselves and protect our planet with beautiful, useful things.

Andrea Selle / Fördermittel Wegbereiter

Too difficult, too complicated, takes too long anyway, the other person always gets it anyway: The talk is of funding. If anyone knows anything about funding, it’s the wonderful Andrea Selle. With her company Fördermittel Wegbereiter, which is run purely by women, she helps pioneers find their way through the jungle of over 3,000 programs and finds exactly the right model – EU and nationwide or at the state and local level. Simply great!

Turiya Communications LLP

You can see how much we appreciate worldwide partnerships from our Indian cooperation partner Turiya Communications LLP. With co-founder Sandhya Sutodia we are united by the conviction that only first-class content is really effective. The communication agency’s vision: to help you maximise value for money across media formats both in internal and external communications.. And they achieve this with a clever, innovative team, excellent storytelling and a global network. We are proud to be part of it!

Birgit Kersten-Regenstein / teamkompetenz

Inner independence – who could aspire to it more than we freelancers? The work of Birgit Kersten-Regenstein revolves precisely around this independence. Together with her team she has been working as a trainer and systemic coach for leadership, personality development, resilience and conflicts for many years. And this in a wonderfully sensitive way, humorous, direct and sometimes uncomfortable. For us and many other people simply unbeatably effective!


Our new angels in Daily Business are the folks from Strandschicht – an agency for virtual personal assistants. What makes Strandschicht especially valuable: Their service saves time – and thus money and a lot of nerves. And because every freelancer would like to outsource some tiresome tasks, we are simply delighted that we can now confidently pass these on to our VPA. A really good feeling!